Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Windows Vista releases to manufacturing

Great news! On Nov. 8, 2006 Microsoft announced the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Vista.

Yes, you read it right -- development of Windows Vista is complete. Want proof? Watch this video and hear it from Jim Allchin himself.

So the highest-quality, most secure, most reliable and most usable version of Windows the world has ever seen, is raring to go.

And just what is this so-called RTM? It’s the major milestone where Microsoft can confidently say that they are done with Windows Vista and will be handing it off to their industry partners: PC makers, ISVs (independent software vendors)and IHVs (independent hardware vendors). They in turn will continue to ramp-up in earnest now that the target is locked -- for example, by refining hardware drivers -- in order to complete the cycle and make Windows Vista available via retail channels on 30 January 2007. On that date Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system will be available to customers around the world.

As Windows Vista is released to manufacturing (RTM) — a significant milestone for Microsoft and its partners — anticipation is building around that all-important question: How good is it really?

Microsoft says Windows Vista is its most heavily tested operating system ever, with deep investments made to ensure greater security, reliability and usability. But after all the time, expense and effort to get it right, does Windows Vista meet the quality bar? For answers to this and other questions about the quality of Windows Vista, PressPass spoke with Sven Hallauer, release manager and director of program management at Microsoft. Find the interesting piece of conversation here.

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