Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Basic information on CSQA/CSTE

All the exam information can be found here about the EXAM , procedures, how to Apply and materials.

Oultine of Certified Software Quality Analysts (CSQA) Prep Guide ( earlier name CBOK ) can be found at here or here .

FAQ: If I have only 2-3 years experience in Quality can I pass the exam.?
Answer: CSQA tests your ability to handle practical situations mainly in subjective questions. If you have hands-on experience for 2-3 years in Quality you should be able to clear the exam. If you have just started in quality then it is upto your individual ability which you can determine after reading some questions on this site. The pre-requisite of the exam is that you have atleast 1 year of experience in Quality.
FAQ: CSQA Vs. CSTE. Which is better ?
Answer: Follow
this link for the answer.

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