Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Agile testing suite supports Linux

S2 Technologies has revised its OS- and compiler-agnostic embedded software test and verification package. Stride 2.0 adds enhancements for multi-seat deployments, and can be used to exercise, test, and verify software for complex embedded multimedia consumer devices such as wireless handsets, the company says.
Stride 2.0 aims to help developers test software earlier in the development process, before hardware and software components have been integrated. It comprises a graphical application suite for Windows-based development hosts, along with target components that can be deployed on actual, simulated, or “virtual” hardware, according to the company.
Stride 2.0 can be used to “remove” software dependencies, simulate new or missing functions, and capture internal software transactions or events. The program is said to let developers exercise code without writing test code; however, C and various common scripting languages can be used to automate testing.
Suggested uses for Stride 2.0 include:
1. Interactive testing during coding
2. Unit testing
3. Automated white-box integration testing
4. Continuous integration

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