Monday, November 06, 2006

Responsibilities of a Test Engineer

The Test Engineer should participate o­n teams that design and develop the products. They should develop test protocols and test reports for the verification testing of the product to ensure that they meet product requirements and specifications. Tasks and responsibilities include:
1. Prepare verification and validation test plans, test procedures and test reports.
2. Participate in the development of product requirements and specifications.
3. Perform verification and validation testing of hardware and software.
4. Participate in customer meetings o­n project status and design reviews.
5. Facilitate risk analysis activities.
6. Contribute to the overall improvement in procedures.
7. Ensure that testing is performed
8. Ensure that testing is documented
9. Ensure that testing methodology, techniques, standards are established and developed

Testing personnel are encouraged to be creative & innovative, while at the same time are expected to learn and follow our structured processes.

The basic skills for a qualified test engineer:
Controlled - Organized individual, systematic planing - Good planing o­n testing
Competent - Technical awareness of testing methods, tools, and criteria
Critical - Inner determination to discover problems
Comprehensive - Total understanding of the given system and specifications - Pay good attention to the details
Considerate - Ability to related to others and resolve conflicts

The basic tasks of a test engineer include:
1. Prepare testing plans and organize testing activities
2. Design test cases and document them using well-defined test methods
3. Develop test procedures and test data
4. Write problem reports and text execution records
5. Use testing tools and aids
6. Review test designs, results and problems
7. Test maintenance changes
8. Oversee acceptance tests.

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