Monday, October 09, 2006

Include Google Gadgets Into Any Page

Google announces that some of the gadgets available for Google Personalized Homepage can be embedded into any web page. The list of the gadgets includes: Google Calendar Viewer, Google Calculator, US Traffic Information, Moon Phase, Picasa Album Viewer and more. This way, you can enrich your web page with live information.
Google gives an example of usage:

"For example, let's say you are in charge of your club soccer team's website, and you want to add a current weather forecast so your fans can plan for your games or you want to include a daily brainteaser on your site without having to come up with something new everyday. Google Gadgets lets you do this easily. Just visit the directory of "Google Gadgets for your webpage" to find gadgets that you'd like to add to your own page and select your preferences for how the gadget will appear on your page. Then, copy and paste the HTML from the window into the HTML code for your own website. It's an easy way to get the content you need and want without spending hours writing code!"

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