Monday, October 30, 2006

10 Critical Traps and 10 Success Criteria For Software Development.

Seems obvious but great companies with great products fail due to these traps.

Critical Traps
1. Unclear ownership of product quality.
2. No overall test program design or goals.
3. Non-existent or ill-defined test plans and cases.
4. Testing that focuses narrowly on functional cases.
5. No ad hoc, stress or boundary testing.
6. Use of inconsistent or incorrect testing methodology.
7. Relying on inexperienced testers.
8. Improper use of tools and automation, resulting in lost time and reduced ROI.
9. No meaningful metrics for tracking bugs and driving quality back into development.
10. Incomplete regression cycle before software release.
To avoid these traps, it is important to incorporate best practices into your quality assurance process. The process should include an evaluation of where you are with quality assurance today, what your QA goals are, what the gaps are in the process, and finally you should build a roadmap to obtain your goals. Only after these steps have been taken can you avoid these quality assurance traps.

Success Criteria
1. User
2. Executive Management Support
3. Clear Statement of Requirements
4. Proper Planning
5. Realistic Expectations
6. Smaller Project Milestones
7. Competent Staff
8. Ownership
9. Clear Vision & Objectives
10. Hard-Working, Focused Staff

In order to make order out of the chaos, we need to examine why projects fail. Each major software failure must be investigated, studied, reported and shared. Failure begets knowledge. Out of knowledge you gain wisdom, and it is with wisdom that you can become truly successful.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for info, I'm gonna visit ur blog frequently

Chris said...

I think it was somebody very clever who said "we learn more from our failures than from our successes". This is never truer than in software, when the use of, for example, a software failure expert can really help in creating far superior products in the future.