Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tested by “Tester Tested” !

I am a regular reader of Pradeep Soundararajan's Blog. Today I was reading his older posts and I was surprised (or rather shocked) to see my own name in his post Indian testing community - start blogging! !!!

I am quoting few lines from his blogpost. I hope Pradeep doesn’t mind that :).

Why testers who tried aping Tester Tested unable to continue? ( could be one of the following...)

1. They wanted to get success in a short span without putting much effort.
2. They thought it is easy to write a blog and maintain it.
3. They started with an intention to have a huge reader base.
4. They started because it worked for me.
5. They weren't passionate about testing

Recently a tester from Chennai named Debasis recieved a surprise comment from James Bach on his blog and that must have made him one of the happiest tester for the day.

Another Indian tester who has blogged with real passion is
Shrinivas Kulkarni . He is a Senior Test Manager in iGate, Bangalore. He gets James Bach to comment on his blog on a regular basis.

Nice see that some serious testers are reading my blogs too…:) Pradeep has been hired by
James Bach as an Indian Representative of Satisfice Inc. Read this in James Bach's Blog! . I wish him all the best for becoming the "first Indian" representative of Satisfice in India !!! All the Best Pradeep…

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